5 Pitfalls Brands Experience During a Retail Program Rollout and how to avoid them


New retailer partnerships and product placement brings massive opportunity for business growth and sales volume. And while the opportunity is sizable, so are the operations to maintain a positive experience for your brand, no matter where your product is being represented.

With over 35 years supporting brands in retail execution, we’re sharing the top 5 most common pitfalls we’ve seen brands make when rolling out a new retail program that can have detrimental impacts on operations costs, long-term retailer relationships, and bottom-line sales — so you can avoid them.

In this report we’ll be covering,

  1. The long-term impact of choosing the wrong display design
  2. How to avoid nationwide installation hiccups
  3. Why the inventory management process is critical to your retail success
  4. The significance of keeping your brand displays functional across all retail locations
  5. The KPIs you should be monitoring in every retail location